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The last PABX you’ll ever buy

For companies of all sizes and Hotels

On the road, on holiday or simply in the office.

Take a call anywhere en transfer to colleagues. 
Music on hold, queues, holidays, call centre features, dial from any application...

This is too good to be true... Not at all! 

Your personnel doesn’t need to learn to use any new software.
Integrate with all popular PMS programmes.

Invoicing of calls, Check-in & -out, room status, wake-up call, mini bar.

Keep your analogue room phones and still enjoy all the modern VoIP possibilities.

What’s in it for me?

Does it work?


Should I call over the internet?
No, you can keep using ISDN, GSM or even a combination of several solutions. This is all completely transparent to the user.

All these options are certainly an extra cost?
No, at 3CX nearly all options are included. Your only choice is the Standard or Pro version and the Hotel Module.

Is this a reliable solution?

This is actually a very reliable solution. Our more than 60 customers are the best proof of this after working with 3CX for years. Among our customers we even have several big hotels.  

Advantages of a VoIP PABX

Work from everywhere !

All possible options of the most advanced PABX, including video conferencing for

one fixed price

No hidden extra costs or options.

Choose a PABX in your office or go for cloud.
We offer both solutions.

Cut your bills in half !


3CX Phone on smartphone

Choose the solution that best suits your company:
-  Cloud
-  In your office
-  For your call centre
-  For your entire hotel

Integration with your PMS without the high costs

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3CX Platinum Partner
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